I bought a new sketchbook this weekend! After my earlier bashing of Moleskines, I find myself once again using one of their large sketchbooks. I happened upon an unwrapped Moleskine sketchbook at the store and was able to inspectimolest the pages. They aren’t the same ivory cardstock that I once loved, but it is still an adequate notebook, a good alternative to specialty brands online and watercolor.

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Random life things have cut into my snailmail time, but I did manage to work on these letters this week! The metallic green bird envelope is part of a lovely parcel I’m nearly done with and can’t wait to finish and get sent. I still love making wee stationery booklets, and I recently discovered the joys of attaching two two-page signatures with washi and then using thread to bind two of those signatures together. The look it creates is too cute.

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I finally bought the supplies to carve my own ink stamps! Here’s a happymail stamp (2.5 cm x 3.5 cm if you’re curious), a hummingbird stamp and a cumulonimbus incus (anvil cloud) stamp. As someone who is passionate about meteorology, most cloud stamps do the exact opposite of impress me. Eventually, I’ll carve an entire meteorological set! You bet that some custom stamps will be making their way into and onto parcels soon!

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I went back to using my Midori for my daily notebook. Right now, I’m using it with two inserts, and the lightweight insert is serving as my journal right now. Despite how flimsy the paper is, I love how it feels, and it’s very sturdy for its thickness. Even so, I can’t stand seeing black ink through the pages, so I’ll be alternating between pencil and pen which is fun. Heavier mediums won’t really be an option, but it takes ink and light applications of watercolor surprisingly well. My love for this notebook just doesn’t end. <3

I drew some anime-style chicks this week, and I’m almost finished with Revolutionary Girl Utena! Also I’m fairly certain my cat steals away all day to troll the blue jays. I can hear them bitching from inside my house, so she must be doing a good job. 

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Because of a lot of reasons, I’m absolutely terrible with time management. While doing some shopping at one of my favorite stationeryholic stores (mochithings.com), I decided to pick up a fairly basic scheduler. I have countless notebooks, blogs and art journals, so I don’t need a whole day to a page for my personal thoughts, and I don’t want to get distracted by trying to fill space in if it goes blank. With a week to a page, I can write out the plan and see what I have to do each day to properly enjoy the weekend. Days that end up blank (I do hate blank space), I can put a cute sticker on or draw something simple and fast like today’s Utena. This will also help me keep track of my mail: each day I receive something in the post, I put a stamp sticker on that day. One thing that I do always want is space to take notes on the weather (of course), and this notebook has a super cute spot for it. A planner or notebook can instantly win me over with that.

Lastly, there’s an absolutely inspirational artist I’ve been following on the internet for quite some time, and I finally got the chance to order a bit of her stuff. I bought the two postcards on the top left and was sent the gorgeous black cat card gratis. They feel so sturdy and well-made. The bookmarks were also complimentary and have spot-gloss in a lovely geometric pattern. Her watercolor pieces are beyond incredible. If you can’t read the link on the bookmark, her Etsy shop is here

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I’ve still been a bit wishy-washy about using my Paperblank journal. It has gotten quite heavy. I enjoy thickness, but it feels like I’m working with a cinderblock. And it’s only half full! Truthfully, I also miss using my Midori for everything and have still been favoring the enormous watercolor Moleskine when I want to do serious watercolors. Recently I’ve been inspired by some folk art as well as hand-carved stamp designs, and the judgmental birds reflect those styles.

I finally got Mary’s birthday gift wrapped, and it’ll be heading out tomorrow! I love the way it came out; wax seals are great for everything. I hope it survives the mail! You can also see that I couldn’t resist trying out some wax in my journal. I’m exploring some more applications for it. <3

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These beautiful Hubble imagery stamps of nebulæ make a fine addition to the space section of my collection. I’m in love with the art and gentle colors of the constellation stamps. <3 

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