Because of a lot of reasons, I’m absolutely terrible with time management. While doing some shopping at one of my favorite stationeryholic stores (, I decided to pick up a fairly basic scheduler. I have countless notebooks, blogs and art journals, so I don’t need a whole day to a page for my personal thoughts, and I don’t want to get distracted by trying to fill space in if it goes blank. With a week to a page, I can write out the plan and see what I have to do each day to properly enjoy the weekend. Days that end up blank (I do hate blank space), I can put a cute sticker on or draw something simple and fast like today’s Utena. This will also help me keep track of my mail: each day I receive something in the post, I put a stamp sticker on that day. One thing that I do always want is space to take notes on the weather (of course), and this notebook has a super cute spot for it. A planner or notebook can instantly win me over with that.

Lastly, there’s an absolutely inspirational artist I’ve been following on the internet for quite some time, and I finally got the chance to order a bit of her stuff. I bought the two postcards on the top left and was sent the gorgeous black cat card gratis. They feel so sturdy and well-made. The bookmarks were also complimentary and have spot-gloss in a lovely geometric pattern. Her watercolor pieces are beyond incredible. If you can’t read the link on the bookmark, her Etsy shop is here

art notebooks planners planner mochithings Cari storyofthedoor postcards happymail happy mail snail mail snailmail postcard etsy zoo scheduler schedule

I’ve still been a bit wishy-washy about using my Paperblank journal. It has gotten quite heavy. I enjoy thickness, but it feels like I’m working with a cinderblock. And it’s only half full! Truthfully, I also miss using my Midori for everything and have still been favoring the enormous watercolor Moleskine when I want to do serious watercolors. Recently I’ve been inspired by some folk art as well as hand-carved stamp designs, and the judgmental birds reflect those styles.

I finally got Mary’s birthday gift wrapped, and it’ll be heading out tomorrow! I love the way it came out; wax seals are great for everything. I hope it survives the mail! You can also see that I couldn’t resist trying out some wax in my journal. I’m exploring some more applications for it. <3

art journals Paperblanks notebooks sketchbooks wax wax seals wax seal fleur-de-lis stamps art journals journaling birds folk art acrylic paper mixed media craft penpals outgoing snailmail snail mail outgoing snail mail outgoing snailmail happymail happy mail outgoing happy mail outgoing happymail pen pals pen friends

These beautiful Hubble imagery stamps of nebulæ make a fine addition to the space section of my collection. I’m in love with the art and gentle colors of the constellation stamps. <3 

stamps US stamps postage stamps stamp collecting philately stamp collections stamp collection space stamps star stamps mail letters postage happy mail happymail snailmail snail mail nebulae nebula nebulæ stars space Hubble Eagle nebula egg nebula ring nebula lagoon nebula ngc 1316 galaxy ngc 1316 galaxies galaxy

I just wanted to share some embellishments I made from a Chimay bottle cork. I used a ceramic knife to slice it and a razor to shape each piece. Smoothing and final detail shaping was done with sandpaper. For the painted designs, Silk acrylic glazes were perfect, and the last two shots show how well the cork texture works with their shimmer. 

I’m sending a somewhat special letter that will be late but bursting with cheer and lovely little details like these. <3

embellishments cork ephemera paint acrylic carved handmade hand-made handmade embellishments mail art penpals mailart happy mail happymail snailmail snail mail art journaling journaling penfriends pen friends how-to how to diy diy art diy art supplies diy embellishments Silk silk acrylic glaze

It’s a stamp extravaganza! I’ve been floating and organizing the stamps, and these are some of my recent favorites. I’ve never seen stamps from Czechoslovakia, Palestine, Spain, Algeria, South Africa or India, so being able to inspect them in person has been a treat! I must ask about their stories: I long to know where they came from, when, why and who were they originally meant for. I’ll probably never know most of these answers, but any insight into their individual journeys would be grand. <3

stamp collecting stamp collector stamp love stamps postage stamps Swedish stamps Palestinian stamps Czech stamps Czech Palestine cat stamps flower stamps

I finally got a toned paper sketchbook, and I’m in love! I decorated the cover with some new washi tapes and the first sketch I did inside: a skull. Weirdly enough, it came out looking like a baby’s skull.

I’ve also been meaning to sketch Anastasia of Russia, but I think I accidentally added a few years. I also did some watercolor gems which will find their way onto some mail soon.

watercolor charcoal light value study Anastasia Grand Duchess Anastasia Anastasia Nikolaevna art art journals sketchbooks notebooks sketching sketches sketch

I found some awesome kraft postcards at the craft store today. The paper feels so neat, and the correspondence side is printed with a fanciful “Postcard” and address lines. I gave a few to my dear ole dad and then made this argyle themed one. I love how the gold shimmers and brings together the other subtle earth tones. 

postcards stationery mail art handmade postcards handmade handmade postcard argyle lozange lozanges mail art penpals correspondence washi tape paper stamps ink papercraft ephemera kraft kraft paper

That enormous postcard from Sweden was so inspiring that I decided to make my own super-sized card! This work-in-progress postcard is actually slightly bigger than the one I received from Helga. After I remove the tape to reveal some cool white borders, I’ll decide if I want to round edges, trim it down, et cetera. 

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